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Vinyl windows are a time honoured classic, designed for durability and maximum performance.  We have multiple styles to select from which include single and double hung, single and double slider and casement windows.  Vinyl windows are recommended by home designers for their traditional, yet contemporary beauty and practical benefits.  All of our Toronto made vinyl windows are custom made to offer you variety.
Vinyl Window Design
At Alton, when we manufacture vinyl windows, we have functional design in mind.  The beveled external sash hides the structural integrity of the window frame while creating an elegant, unobstructed view.  The multi-chamber construction and fusion welded corners of these windows allows for extra insulation, maximum ventilation and effortless operation.  The sleek construction of our various styles of vinyl windows gives your home the maximum view with endless design possibilities.

Vinyl Window Installation
When it comes time to install vinyl windows in your home, our professionals are certified with the highest installation standards.

Vinyl Window Repair
At Alton Windows we stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty.  If you ever find that your vinyl windows have faulty parts or workmanship, we will ensure that the windows are repaired or replaced immediately and seamlessly because we stand behind our guarantee of high quality and service to you.

Vinyl Windows Replacement
When replacing older windows, vinyl windows are an economic and ideal option which offers energy efficiency, ease of operation, low maintenance and durability.   Alton’s quality windows are built in Toronto Ontario to last and are a great investment when you are looking to improve your home with stylish replacement vinyl windows.