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Your front door can dramatically change the overall image of your home.  Our entrance doors add beauty and practicality to your home.  These exterior doors come in a wide range of styles and combinations in order to give your home the welcome appearance that you desire.

Entrance Door Design
Our energy efficient entrance doors come in an array of styles available in both fiberglass and steel.  An assortment of decorative glass panels can be incorporated into your entrance door, making it uniquely yours.  In addition to the wide variety of designs available for your entrance door, we also offer venting sidelites which provide both practicality and beauty.  These panels not only compliment any front door, but create an entranceway.

Entrance Door Installation
Our professionally trained and certified installers will ensure that your front entrance combination of door and venting sidelites will be installed exactly to your liking.  Due to their specialized training, your doors are sure to be installed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Repairing Entrance Doors
All our doors are covered by a full warranty.

Entrance Door Replacement
There are many considerations when looking to replace your entrance door.  All of our entrance doors incorporate full weather stripping, insulation and other energy saving features which will reduce your costs.  Our pre-framed steel replacement doors are also built to adapt quickly to existing door frames and offer the security that only steel can provide. 

If you are looking for a change to the exterior of your home, come into Toronto's Alton Windows and Doors and together we will create an entranceway that is uniquely yours.

For styles please visit our suppliers websites at and If you don't see what you want we can get it for you.