Alton windows - Ontario Energy Efficient Windows

Alton Windows - Ontario Energy Efficient Windows


Installing energy efficient windows into your home is an investment which will pay off down the road.  At Alton Windows and Doors, all of our windows are designed to fit your style while properly protecting your home.  Energy efficient windows are manufactured to help lower your energy bills by properly insulating your home while working to minimize the sun’s damaging exposure to furniture and carpets within your home.

Energy Efficient Glass
The extreme contrast of hot summers and cold winters creates a need for windows to perform at the highest level of energy efficiency.   At Alton Windows and Doors we offer a variety of energy efficient window technologies such as, standard clear insulating glass and energy saving Low-E insulating glass.  All of these options combined will give you maximum energy efficiency.

Heat Transfer Resistance
U-factor measures the ability of a window to resist the transfer of heat and cold in winter and summer months.  The U-factor of Alton windows exceeds the Energy Star guidelines for an energy efficient window.  This resistance to heat loss, combined with the welded corners of our frames and superior weather stripping, makes Alton windows one of the most energy efficient windows available for your home.