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Aluminum windows are designed for strength, long life, low maintenance and superior performance.   Due to the rigid alum alloy construction of these windows, larger groupings can be built without compromising the structure and strength of the windows.   All of the aluminum systems incorporate double weather stripping and have a baked enamel finish which resists blistering, peeling and flaking in any weather.

Aluminum Window Design
At Alton, our family manufactures aluminum windows in Toronto with design in mind.  All of our aluminum windows are custom made to give you choice.  We have multiple styles to select from, which include picture windows, sliding windows, and casement windows.  Toronto home designers recommend aluminum windows as they allow for maximum view and can be configured into large arrangements while providing clean, narrow sightlines.

Aluminum Window Installation
When it comes time to install aluminum windows in your home, our professionals are certified with the highest installation standards.  It is good to keep in mind when installing aluminum windows in your home, that at Alton, our aluminum window designs can be combined to give your home the appearance that best suits your style.

Aluminum Window Repair
At Alton Windows we stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty.  If you ever find that your aluminum windows have faulty parts or workmanship, we will ensure that the windows are repaired or replaced immediately and seamlessly because we stand behind our guarantee of high quality and service to you.

Aluminum Window Replacement
When replacing older windows, aluminum windows are an ideal choice due to their energy efficiency, ease of installation, low maintenance and long lasting nature.   Alton’s quality windows are built to last and are a great investment when you are looking to improve your home with stylish replacement aluminum windows.

At Alton Windows we want to find the perfect solution for you, whether for energy saving reasons or to increase the resale value of your home. Call us today to book your free home evaluation or visit our showroom to see the many styles of aluminum windows that we manufacture. Download our info brochure in PDF format.